Olympic Athletes: Dominique Maltais (2) / Vancouver 2010

Dominique Maltais is an Olympic athlete. She is going to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics as a snowboarder. Dominique was born on November 9th, 1980 in Charlevoix (more known as Petite-Riviere, Saint-Francois). It is located in the province of Quebec beside the Saint Lawrence River. She speaks French and English. Dominique learned how to snowboard when she was young. She feels lucky to have grown up near the Massif. The Massif is where she learned her passion for snowboarding.

My connection to Dominique Maltais is that she does snowboarding cross. I know how to snowboard but I never tried snowboarding cross before. I like snowboarding because I like the wind blowing in my face when I go fast. I like the sensation of my legs when I do a jump (it’s like every thing stops and I put everything I’ve got in the jump and it feels good.

Another small connection is that she likes fire fighters and I kind of like fire fighters. On Sunday morning night I watch the fire fighters when people are stuck in a house or in a car in tuneels when people are stuck…etc

For the last years Dominique Maltais has been very active as a member of Canada’s national snowbording team competition world wide in the high performers in snow boarding competition. She is representing Canada in the individual snowbording cross division. That’s where she continues to go on numerous podiums.

by: M.L.S., 10 yrs. old


2 responses to “Olympic Athletes: Dominique Maltais (2) / Vancouver 2010

  1. I like your connection M.L.S and especially your picture. Just from the picture you looked focus it is REALLY NICE. I should get lessons from you man. I don’t know how you drew this. The black icon looks like he is snowboarding while doing a jump. P.S. give yourself a BIG tap on the back.

  2. Hello M.L.S. I am replying on you because I think that you wrote allot on Dominic. I am also replying on you because I like your drawing. Also me I can’t draw like this and I can just draw cartoon people and faces.Thank you for reading.

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