Quebec Athletes At The Olympics: Anabelle Langlois § Vancouver Olympics

I saw Anabelle Langlois figure skate on television and I find that she was great and I saw a lot of talent and I also saw all her expressions and it showed that she was just focused on the ice. I find that figure skating is a really awesome Olympic Winter Games sport.

I am going to share some information about Anabelle Langlois but first I will talk more about my opinion about her sport.

First I want to say that figure skating is a great sport because you can enjoy it and when you play it you need a lot of thinking, skill and a lot fo talen to play the sport figure skating. To play this sport you need alot of foot skill and you also need some ice skating talent. For me figure skating is a great Olympic Winter Game because wehn you play this sport you can express your feelings and you can show your talent to almost everyone in the world and that may be your dream to play in the Olympics.

It is also a great honour to play in the Olympics because that always proves that you have talent and that you followed your dream to be in the Olympics and I am so sure that it<s an honour to everyone that are playing their favourite sport everyday in the Olympics and to have got chosen to go to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Anabelle Langlois is a figure skater. The date of her birth is: July 21 1981 in Canada, in Grand-Mere QC. She speaks French and English. At age of two , her father taught her to skate. Anabelle Langois started competing at the age of 11. Anabelle Langois hobbies are: reading , watching movies, cooking, and doing some yoga. She is also a full time athlete. Anabelle Langois trains 24 hours a week. I her debut, she partnered with Cody Hay in October 2005 and he (Cody Hay) competed with Patrice Archetto until his retirement after the 2005 Canadian Championships. Anabelle Langois is always in pairs. Anabelle Langois was forced to withdrew from the cup of Russiain 2006 and lost her bags and had to find a way to get another pair of skates. Anabelle Langois choreographer is Nikolai Morosov and David Wilson. Anabelle Langoi won a silver madal with Cody Hay in 2002.

These are the prizes she won: 20002World Championships (10), 2003 World Championships (5), 2004 World Championships (8), 2001 Four Continents Championships (6), 2002 Four Continents Championships (2), Four Continents Championships(4), 2004 Four Continents Championships (5) with Patrice Archetto {CAN} , 2007 Worlds Championships (10), 2006 Four Continents Championships(7) with no Cody Hay {CAN}.

Anabelle is also in a club called The CPA Hull. She has always beeen coached by Lee Barkell. Anabelle Langois training site is Mariposa Schoool of Skating (Barrie, Ontario). Her former coaches are Josee Picard and Eric Gilles.

Her low season practice is 20 hours a week at Edmonton and her high season practice is 25hours a week at Edmonton.



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