Red Fox (Algonquin) | Native Americans | Meshkakihug, Red Earth

Prince Maximilian’s Travels in the Interior of North America

The Fox tribe is Algonquian. They are a big tribe. Their real name are the Red Fox tribe or Meshkwakihug and they are known as the Red Earth people. They are called that because their land is more reddish than other known tribes like the  Chippewa.

The Fox Tribe was seminomadic. That means they moved around forests and prairies. During the summer they lived in villages of bark covered homes. They grew corn, beans, squash, pumpkins and tobacco.

The Fox had three kinds of leaders: the peace chief ,war chief, and the ceremonial chief. The peace chief kept peace with the tribe and was in charge at council when the town matters were discussed. The war chief was chosen for each military sector by other brave soldiers on the basis of fighting skills. The war chief would be in charge to control army matters. On this occasion, the Calumets would be decorated with red feathers. The ceremonial leader, or shaman, instructed others in religious rituals. The ceremonies had a lot of meanings, such as making games and stuff or helping grow food and crops or helping the sick people.

Author: M.L.S

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13 responses to “Red Fox (Algonquin) | Native Americans | Meshkakihug, Red Earth

  1. Hi I find your story really interesting.I really liked the picture because it feels like we’re there just beside them.

  2. This story is very good because it is true and the story is interesting…………..PS good job!

  3. I am really proud for M.L.S its text is really interesting.I did not even know that Red Foxes Americans existed. The picture feels to me that these are 2 brothers and they’re worshipping something.

  4. I am REALLY REALLY proud of my friend doing such a good job. I did not even know that Red Foxes even existed. The picture feels to me that their are 2 brothers and they are worshiping something. And the text is REALLY interesting.

  5. I chose to write about this picture because I like the two Native Americans. I like them because I like the meaning that there like not happy together because one is with his back from the other Native American.
    Also the other Native American is doing the same thing as the other Native American so for me it looks like if they were not friends but very good enemies.

  6. I really like the name Red Fox tribes and The Red Earth people.I like their nice red clothes. It fits well with their name and where they live like in more reddish places.
    It’s interesting that there are different kind of chiefs like the peace chief,the ceremonial chief, and the war chief.I think I mostly like the peace chief.He’s the one that kept peace with the tribe. I took it because I like peace. I hate fighting though. I was always interested in natives.(My grandmother is a native but I forget what kind she was) Nice writing M.L.S!

  7. I find some thing is funny because I was looking at images on Google . And I saw this image. when I saw it I thought they were Abanaki or another tribe but I would never thought they were Red Fox(red earth,meshkwakihug). :0 🙂

  8. It is very interesting because i have noticed that most of the natives grow tobacco. I also like that there is three leaders because usually there is just one leader and if there are three leaders more people can have a chance to have power.
    Also in the picture I love the clothes. It looks very realistic. Almost as if the picture was real. It is really cool how their names are The Red Fox Tribe and The Red Earth People because I did not know they had names because I thought we made the names for the tribes. Now I got information that the tribes would make a name for themselves then the other people like us would mispronounce their names and we would use the mispronounced names in our every day life.
    I thought this was a very good post I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi,

    This picture is wonderful,all I expected from this picture.Some pictures have beautiful color but no big details.Other pictures have so nice details but no color.This picture is one of my favorite pictures of all the blog because it has color AND nice details.
    I was wondering who was Prince Maximilian??
    It feels like I am standing right beside them.My favorite color is red and the names are RED earth and RED fox so I think that it is very cool.I would also like to know where the Meshkwakihug live.

    Thank you.

  10. That picture I already saw in a book. I don’t remember the title but the cover was red earth with a Native American face. This picture looks sad because they are not smiling and they have nothing around them. And I like their costume and the hat with feather.

  11. Hi there! In this picture I think that these people are Natives (Fox tribe Algonquian and I think that because of their clothes and their makeup. I like this picture because it is very interesting and I like their clothes because I find that it is creative and nice. My dads cousin is a Native but not like this picture. I find that their name is very nice (Red Fox or Meshkwakihug).I find that Red Fox is very interesting for a name or the Red Earth people. I never knew that their home place is red! i am learning alot of new interesting things about them. I never knew that they lived in some
    bark covered homes.These are very interesting chiefs, like the peace chief,the war chief or even the ceremonial.I like better the peace chief because that chief brings peace to them and I love peace. I also like the war chief a little bit because it (the war chief) showed them how to defend themselves and to not be afraid of anything and he (the war chief) also showed them fighting skills. I really like this post and I hope you can make an other
    one like this one. Great Job!

  12. HI There!!This picture doesn’t remind me of anything that had happened to me in life or I’ve seen but the post does. To me this post reminds me of my camp ground,because at my camp ground we have no electricity and me and my brothers move around in the forest pretending we’re on an adventure. Sometimes we pretend there is a camp fire and then we go and get some wood(but the fire isn’t real)and pretend the fire is lit. The clothes of the men look like it was made by Deer skin,Buffalo skin,etc. I think that because well in the olden days(when there were only Natives)they only made the clothes by animal skin. I think the Natives are rich. I think that because they are wearing nice necklaces and there hair it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!. Thank you,A.G

  13. Good job! You really added some details about the Fox Tribe. The Fox Tribe sure is preaty organized!

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