Patuxet | Tisquantum | Squanto

Squanto was a translator between the Massasoit and the pilgrims.

Tisquantum was a  Native American who helped the pilgrims after their first winter in the new world and was helpful to their survival.

He was called  Squanto but his real name was Tisquantum.  He lived from  about the  1580s  to November 1622. Patuxet was a part of Wampanoag Confederacy. Tisquantum fist came in contact with English explorers in 1605. He lived in Patuxet which was a part of the Wampanoag Confederacy.

The English explorers took Tisquantum as a prisoner and brought him to England.  In 1612 he returned to North America with Captain John Smith, who after some time released him to return to his town. Then Tisquantum became a translator in New England (USA).In 1641 Tisquantum was heading back to the Patuxet, but was taken by another Englishman named Thomas Hunt.

Hunt was one of John Smith’s captains. Hunt was selling Tisquantum and natives into slavery in Spain for $20 a piece. Some local friars found out what Hunt was doing and took the Native Americans – Tisquantum included. They saved him.

Tisquantum finally went to live with the Pilgrims in Plymouth. Plymouth was in his former town of the Patuxet.

He helped them through an extremely hard first winter by teaching techniques to increase food production: by fertilizing food. He also showed them the special places to catch fish and eel. He was proud to their survival.


Author: M.M., 11 years old

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11 responses to “Patuxet | Tisquantum | Squanto

  1. I am so proud to myself for how much work it took me to do this.I will just give myself a BIG BIG tap on the back. P.S Thank you for helping me write down the text.

    • And I am so proud of you. You did a great job with the initial research and it is a rather tangled tale to tell!
      I also really respect Tisquantum. When you think that we go to school for many years to become bilingual, it’s amazing that he was able to learn a new language and then to become a translator. He must have been exceptionally intelligent.
      He must have found it frustrating to keep being kidnapped!
      Mrs. Theriault

  2. In the picture I like how all the Native American’s look the same. I think it is a drawing from a long time ago.I am curious to know what they are doing in the picture.

  3. This picture looks like two things

    #1:like they are signing a treaty of peace because they also look serious 🙂

    #2:the Native Americans got captured because they are all lined up and look mad 😦

    It’s hard to tell.

    It also looks like a drawing from a while ago.

  4. It is a good story. I like the picture because the picture is very artistic. I also like the story it is good and interesting because the story is good and I like that it makes a long time ago.

  5. I think that this picture is interesting because I think that they are discussing about something important. I think that they are arguing about a war because on the right there are solders that are angry.

  6. The place where they are is really nice because all the trees are bent over at the top and it looks a bit like a palace how they have a bunch of people gathered around and having people walking down the forest road.
    The name Tisquantum is really interesting i have never heard a name like that.The two people in front look like the leaders because they are standing proudly and dressed really nicely like the woman is wearing dress like a queen and the man is wearing a like a soldier suit.

    • I also think this forest would be a really nice place to be because all of the natives in the tribe look happy. I have also never heard a name like Tisquantum. It is very odd. I would never think of a name like that. I wonder what it means ? 🙂

  7. The natives in the background look like a army and on the left hand side of the picture there seems to be a family of four people.It looks like there are modern soldiers beside the the natives.The natives are wearing a feather hat, boots and a kind of cloth on them.These people are in a forest or cave.I think they are in a forest because there are a lot of trees and grass in the picture.

  8. Hi, I am going to tell you about the picture that is up at the top of the page and and the comment.

    First of all I just Wanted to tell you that I love the picture you know why? Because it looks so real it looks like it is in the olden times because it’s in black and white and it looks so cool because the big people are walking and the little children are just looking at the big people and it looks like the little children have never seen them it looks so cool 🙂 and thats why I love this picture 🙂

    The second thing I want to tell you is that the post that you did was one of the good ones it was so good I felt like reading it again and thats all I wanted to say I hope you like it 🙂


  9. Awesome story! He must of been really tired of being kidnapped. I also respect Squanto (Tisquantum). I am proud of him because he helped other people survive, he was brave, etc. I am also proud of the other people that saved Squanto because they saved him.
    It is really helpful of Squanto learning a new language and becoming a translator in New England (USA), example, if someone is on vacation (like I will be at Cuba, Santa Lucia, Camaguey 🙂 ), wants water, and doesn’t know how to say it in there language, that person will have to know how to say it in their language, so it is good to have a translator.
    The picture is so old that is in b&w (black and white). To me, the picture looks like that Squanto is captured (he is at the front), a family is looking (on the left), and the soldiers are on the right, at the back, and there is kind of a captain. I find that Squanto is adventurous because he keeps on changing places, plus he keeps on getting kidnapped, saved, kidnapped, saved, kidnapped, saved over and over again. The year 1580 and 1622 was a really, really, really long time ago (I was only born in 1999)!!! Thank you for all the info (information). It was really interesting.

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