Malecites | Legend

Here are some stories from the New Brunswick Malecites. Here are 3 characters in the stories:  Meekkomowess, Majalmood, and “The Little Men”.

Meekkomowess was a little old man who has a supernatural power, and could foretell the future. Meekkomowess goes to the Indians, gives them warnings and tells them about the danger that is coming. Miraculously, all the Indians who listened to Meekkomowess survived the danger, but unfortunately, all those that didn’t,  perished.  Everything Meekkomowess says is true. He never makes a mistake in foretelling the future.

Majalmood is a boy who made bows and arrows to protect the Indians. When Majalmood pointed anywhere with his finger, the arrow went that way.

The Little Men are Dwarfs. The Little Men can make a great variety of different clay objects, like axes, knives, canoes, men, and pipes, just like the real ones. They are not bad magicians, they don’t hurt anyone. Though, they will take a person’s knife if it is left on the bank and they will make a perfect clay imitation.

Author: N.B., 10 yrs. old


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7 responses to “Malecites | Legend

  1. I really enjoyed helping N.B. writte this text for All Things QUEBEC.

  2. Hi,
    I have a few stuff to say about this picture. I don’t like this picture because,again,there is no color. I like color because it makes the picture stand out much better. Although,I still like this picture because there is a lot of detail. I guessed that the author that drew this picture didn’t put color because he felt that it was much better to put all his effort on drawing the picture.
    It makes me think of when my uncle brings me fishing and it makes me feel that I am in the picture.

    • Good evening, M.B.
      I’m glad you’re beginning to develop your own taste in art.
      You are right to consider that sometimes an artist purposely chooses to use black and white rather than colour. In this case, however, this is actually a photograph from the early twentieth century.
      At that time they had not developed true colour photography – although they did have ways of tinting or hand-clouring the images.
      Even when I was a little girl in the 1950s families only had black and white photographs. Go here if you want to see an example:
      Mrs. Theriault

  3. I just love this picture because it reminds me of me my family.It reminds me because well in the summer me and my family always go camping.At my camping we always try to go canoeing,if we can we go and we bring my dog.
    In my canoe we fit three people. Now we are five people in my family so me and my little brother Jonathan we sit on the floor of the canoe with my dog. My mom always sits in the front of the canoe because it is easier for her. My dad always sits in the back of the canoe because he is the best:)(at steering the back of the canoe).
    My bigger brother Vincent he sits in the middle, because well he can’t go in the front or the back. My dog sits in the bottom with me or my little brother. Sometimes it is funny because my dog tries do jump off the canoe and tries to swim(HE LOVES TO SWIM THATS WHY).

    I also like this picture because it looks familiar to my camping ground.

    • I really enjoyed this comment A.G. because I just started canoeing last year so I can really identify with this. When I read the part about the dog trying to jump out I felt like I was in the canoe and it was rocking back and forth.
      Your dad must be an excellent canoe-ist to be able to handle a canoe full of family and a dog!
      Your comment gave me a nice break from inputting the math marks into the computer. See you tomorrow!
      Mrs. Theriault

  4. Hi,I found this picture very interesting because it looks like he just came back by a long boat ride and it’s night time. It looks like he had a good time on the water. It must have been relaxing. Imagine on a boat with the moon light shining on you and you hear the noise of the night animals searching for food its just like camping with a night fire.
    This man looks like he just hit land and is preparing to get off don’t you think.This reminds me of the time when i went on a boat at camping and I could relax on a nice soft seat watching the moon light hit the water and make the water shine that was a very good time.This image reminded me about that.
    This is a very big canoe. I say this canoe looks old – maybe 4-5 years old I think. Don’t you think?

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