Pequot (Algonquin) | Military History

The Pequots were part of the Algonquins. They were a very powerful tribe. The Pequots were fighting against other tribes to have a land of rich soil where they could grow corn, beans and squash.

The Pequots were one of the most warlike tribes. Before the Europeans arrived, the Pequots had maybe migrated from the Hudson River Valley in New York State. Soon after that the Puritans and other English Colonists arrived in the early 1600s.

The Pequots had won control of the Connecticut Coastal area from the Connecticut River to Rhode Island. They had even attacked and won against different Montauk tribes on Long Island.They were named the Pequots which meant destroyers.

Author: J.V. (ten yrs. old)



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27 responses to “Pequot (Algonquin) | Military History

  1. The picture reminds me of war and how bad it is. I think War is a horrible thing that is very violent and dangerous.If you look in the background you see smoke.The Natives in the picture look scared.

    • I agree, G.C.
      War is terrible and sometimes it’s hard for us to imagine how terrible it because we see so much fake violence on television and in video games.
      Sometimes, when I slow down and focus on a work of art, it really helps makes me think about important things.
      Mrs. Theriault


    • Hello N.Mc.
      It’s great that you caught the detail of the smoke in the background. I imagine that things were on fire, but the smoke might also come from musket fire. Although I’m not clear on whether they would have had musket fire at that time. Your father might be able to help us out on that.
      Mrs. Theriault

  3. It is a very good story. I like this story because it true and it has happened for real and the thing I like the most is that it happened a long time ago. They looked like a very powerful tribe……….PS good job!

    • They were a really powerful tribe – the most powerful in that area of what is now the United States. I guess it goes to show that no matter how powerful you are, there’s a good chance that there’s someone else somewhere who is more powerful!
      Mrs. Theriault

  4. It looks like the Pequots were a very powerfull tribe.I would not like to fight with them. They look very stong. Nice story.

  5. This picture looks like a war because they had rich soil but did they went to grow something else? Did the Europeans win? And it sounds sad and dark and erable.

    • That is an excellent question, A.M. From the way the artist has posed the people in the drawing, I suspect the Europeans won. Certainly – in the end – the Europeans won the wars against Natives.
      Mrs. Theriault

  6. I find that this picture means that there is a war going on and it also looks like the people with the sword are winning and they are taking away Native people. It also looks more like if they are going to hit the people(Native people) and bring them somewhere. I find that the people with the swords look like pirates because of their clothes and I think that they are taking their property because it chose because of the smoke.
    I find that war is not good because there is a lot of killing in war and I really don’t like killing and what I have always wanted is to be all nice and happy together.Can you tell me why did you chose this picture? I like this picture just a little bit because I just don’t like the design because its not my thing. I don’t like war, I like better peace,love and happiness all over the world.:)
    But good job! 🙂

  7. It feels to me that 3 cowboys are killing Native Americans.
    I think war is bad because you are killing people and waisting lives. War makes me feel bad because I don’t like seeing people die, especially when it is right in your face. Why can’t people just be friends? I don’t understand why people fight with weapons. All they would have to is drop all the weapons and be friends. I could fight with my friends, but instead I say would you like to be my friend.I understand that it is in 1600s by the text. I guess people just don’t get along together.
    War is violent and bloody. It’s not like you kill a person and be happy like this. I think people should be sad and be crying for killing a person. It is not funny when somebody dies right in your face, it is sad. Imagine you in a graveyard in a coffin in the ground and on the ground a cross saying your name on it. That’s why I don’t like war.

    • Your last line (Imagine you in a graveyard…) really gave me the goosebumps, m.m.!
      I know you have been doing a great deal of reading about historical war – especially World Wars I and II, so you know what you are talking about and have a lot to contribute to discussions of war.
      Mrs. Theriault

  8. This picture reminds me of war because of the smoke and the guns.
    I can also see that the first people getting killed.It looks like they are getting kicked out of there village. I think that the leader is the man who is walking and his hand is up, because he is not fighting and he is commanding. I would think that there is a whole war because there is a lot of smoke.

  9. Hi, when I saw this picture I thought of war because they must not like each other. Just by seeing this picture I know that there fighting for something.I think this was in the 1950’s because the picture is black and white and their weapon look old.
    I wonder what they are fighting for? It looks like their armour is in the warrior times when they wore metal as gear. They have a sword as a second weapon, like if their weapon they are holding breaks or gets lost, they could pull out their sword to fight. The guy with the gun ax must be very mad, and what about the guy in the background he has no weapon and seems he’s not getting attacked by anyone? Maybe he is not a threat to them? The guy I’m talking about is the guy with glasses.
    To me this is a violent war, it must be. This picture describes a lot to me even with out words. This was the most interesting picture I liked. This was a lot of fun commenting on this picture.
    The guy that has glasses is waving his hand up why? Does he mean good-bye? Or does waving his hand mean to stop? Why isn’t he attacking? Does he mean peace with his hand up in the air? There could be a lot of meaning for waving his hand up, maybe he means stop, maybe not, but one thing is for sure that his face is not happy:(.

    • You raise so many great questions, J.D. – especially in the last paragraph.
      What I like about your questions is that you realize that there are different ways to interpret the image.
      You’re keeping an open mind. Bravo!
      Mrs. Theriault

  10. I don’t like this picture because it looks like the Natives are getting pushed out of their village. I think that the man that is walking away from away from the group is the leader and he is telling his men to keep fighting. I think that there is a big battle going

  11. Hi it’s … i just wanted to say how i felt about this picture. The picture looks like the poeple are trying to kill the Native American. It looks sad – like the Native Americans are outnumbered. They’re alone and have no one to help them like if its the end of those men. It’s sad because the group have big weapons and have everything they need to finish that war. They have guns – the natives have wepons like knives, arrows and the things you have to build. It’s not fair so they won’t have a fair war so the Pequot lose
    😦 that sucks for them.

  12. I chose that picture because I like the meaning of the war because I like fighting with my brother. I do not mean that I like war it is because I am interested in war. Me I am peaceful I think that war should stop because more and more people are getting killed.

  13. This picture makes me feel worried. It made me remember how dreadful war is.
    If you look at the background you can see smoke and weapons on the ground. I think the Natives are being shot out of their little village while it is getting burnt down. Having to see their homes burnt down makes me sad. It also makes me sad that they are getting forced out of their village when they do not want to leave because they spent all their time on building the village.
    I believe the leader is the man standing up and waving his hand in the air because his sword is lying on the ground and having no interest in the battle but having interest in commanding his squad.

  14. I like this picture because I like seeing pictures in black and white. I also like the fact that it is drawn by hand. I feel like nowadays you do not see many pictures like that.
    I feel bad for the people that are being rushed away from their homes. I also do not enjoy the fact that in this picture they have axes. In my opinion the Native Americans should not be forced out of their house. I know that my family and I are very lucky that we have a house.

    • I love black and white drawings (or etchings). I enjoy looking at the way the artist uses dots, and straight and curvy lines to form the image.It’s something that I can imagine trying to imitate.
      Mrs. Theriault

  15. Very good story. I also like this story because it is true and it makes us learn about the First Nations (natives). I never knew about the Pequot tribe.
    In the picture, it looks like there is a lot of hurting and killing. I like learning about Native American (Amerindian) stuff like this story. I do not like to see or hear about hurting, killing, and especially wars. I hate all of those 3 – hurting, killing, and wars. I also like this because you added a lot of information, like the names of the places, what they were fighting for, you told us that the Pequot tribe is part of the Algonquins, etc. Great job, and thank you for all the information!!!

  16. m.m.r. (10 yrs.old)

    I think this image is about a bad time – a war.I think the man that is still standing up and his squad will win because his men are pointing their weapons at all the Natives. If you look hard you will see one of the other men is running away. I would feel kind of worried if I had to be in this war.

  17. This picture looks like a war scene with three or more people of another tribe and a Native American with his horse in the bottom left corner of this picture.
    There seems to be a fire in the background because there are dark smoke clouds showing and flames. There are weapons on the ground.

  18. I think that the Pequots had to make a war because the other tribes wanted their land to take it away from the Pequots.They weren’t bad people just because their making war. They had to because they had to fight for keeping their territory. Or else, the tribes would take over their land. It’s true that war is not always the right solution to everything.There are other ways to solve problems in life.

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