Sauk (Algonquin) | Legend| The Coming Of Corn

A Sauk (Algonquin) Family in 1899

The Algonquian tribe – the Sauk (Sac)- have many legends. Here is one.

The Sauk have a legend that is about agriculture, which is called The Coming of Corn. This legend is about a beautiful woman who came down from the clouds and two Sauk men saw her. The two men gave her food because they thought she came down because she smelled the deer that they were cooking.

To thank them the beautiful woman said they would be rewarded with food. The beautiful woman told them to come back 1 year later and where she put her hands on the ground beans and corn had grown.Where she sat tobacco grew.

This legend relates to the Sauk tribe because they farmed food in the grass lands of the Mississippi valley in the summer.

by: J.L.H. (10 yrs. old)


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7 responses to “Sauk (Algonquin) | Legend| The Coming Of Corn

  1. To me this picture looks a little bit like Lucky Luke(the commercial or the movie about cowboys). I think this because the shirt the Native man in the back is wearing looks a little bit like Lucky Luke.I wonder why the little boy is wearing the thing on her head? I think he is wearing it on his head because it is a decoration for the Native people. I like this picture because it makes me think of my family. We’re five just like the family except my family we’re five people not six(they have a little baby).

    • Hi A.G, I like your response of this picture and how you made a connection to the Lucky Luke person. I’d never think someone would find a connection with him.
      Also,I have a question. do you think they are poor? or rich? look for yourself.I don’t think they are poor because look at the family with all their necklaces.I also think they aren’t rich, but they have a lot of equipments to make stuff.What do you think? Reply.
      Your friend, G.B

  2. I have an opinion on this picture. I think that this picture is sad because there is no colour on this picture. Although this picture is nice because I like the clothes of these people. I like the men at the back of the family because the feathers reminds me of the movies I used to watch while I was a child. They were native Grand Chiefs and they had these feathers on top of their heads.

    • Hello M.B.,
      I think it is true that nowadays when we see an image in these times it tends to feel sad – or at least serious. However, in the olden days before colour photography this was considered a really beautiful “almost-colour”.
      It’s called sepia and some people collecte sepia-coloured photographs and postcards. There’s even something on the internet called Sepia Saturday where people share their photographs. If you click on the link below you’ll see an example. It’s called “The Midget Palace”. It’s an old sepia card but it has faded so the colour is no longer as strong.
      Mrs. Theriault

  3. This picture makes me think of a Native family that is wearing clothing made out of animal skins or quilt. It is a family of six people. I have a family of 4 people and we take pictures too. There are two or three children in the family. One person is holding a toddler. I don’t think the people are poor because they are wearing pearl necklaces and jewelry.

  4. Message for O.P,
    I agree with you that they do not look poor – not only because they have some necklaces but also because they look well fed.
    This is one of my favourite images that I’ve seen recently because the people look so dignified and they look like a very close family.
    By the way, the necklace looks like it’s out of pearls but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that Native Americans wore pearls (though it’s possible). You’ve made me curious about this and I’ll have to look into it.
    Mrs. Theriault

  5. Hi, I find this picture very sad because they look like they are very poor and are very sad because maybe something happened to them maybe they lost there home or there home went on fire and are homeless in this picture they are sad and unhappy I wonder what happened to them?
    Their clothes look interesting. This is not normal clothes for me. This must be very old clothes. I wonder where they got this clothes? Which animal skin it came from. It’s for sure not like today because today we buy clothes at stores, malls and sometimes with clothes in the olden days they had to hunt for animals for skin ,food or different items off the animal I wonder what hunting for animals feels like?

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