Sylvain Rivard’s Traditional Drum | Abenaki (Algonquin)

Responses to Sylvain’s visit

S.S. says   ….. What would I remember 20 years from now of what Sylvain Rivard showed us? The drum and how in back it symbolizes the four elements. The drum itself symbolizes the world etc.

B.W says ….. after that he (Sylvain Rivard) played us a song on his drum. That was my favourite part. Here is a story that connects to my life. Last summer I went to Mexico and heard the same drum that the artist played for my class. I love the sound it made. Thanks a lot Sylvain. I hope to see you soon.

Mrs. Theriault says …. Our readers may not know that Sylvain didn’t buy this drum. He made it himself.    Also, our St-Lawrence music teacher Mrs. Carole Forget reminded me in an email that this drum is called a pacoligan. It is made from the skin of the female deer and the four sections underneath represent “the four colours of people on earth: black, white, red, yellow…”

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9 responses to “Sylvain Rivard’s Traditional Drum | Abenaki (Algonquin)

  1. Hello, Mrs Thériault, I just wanted to tell you my favourite parts of when Sylvain Rivard came to our class. My favourite part was when we were finger painting. My second favourite part was when he showde us the drum – like the four triangles meant each different things and my last favourite thing was when he showd us what his lanquage was and I tried to speak but I didn`t even know what I was saying.

  2. Me my favorite part is when we did the paint. It felt smugie and it was so cool. My second favorite part is when Sylvain Rivard played the drum and it was loud. Also it was cool because there was the four elements; Fire, water, ground and wind.

  3. My favourite part was when we made paint and then used it to make symbol sentences.I enjoyed when he played his drums.It was very interesting seeing Sylvain Rivard.

  4. One of my favourite parts was when he explained that he was one of 25 people in the world that spoke his Native language.
    I also found that the painting was also cool it was sticky and gluey. It was very interesting to have seen such a good artist (Sylvain Rivard).
    Additionally,his music was really good and enjoyed it .

  5. My son has a drum that is a little bit like this and now I’m beginning to think that it is a native-style drum. Maybe I’ll bring it to school next March when Sylvain visits us.
    Mrs. Theriault

  6. Hello when I read the paragraph I directly thought that sylvain is friendly.

  7. Hi i thought it was really cool!!!!!! when Sylvain Rivard came he showed us how to paint and make paint AWESOME!!!!!!!! with red ochre yellow ochre black ochre.IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!! the drum represents air,water,earth and water. IT was awesome seriously awesome Silvain Rivard showed us symbols.Imagine meeting a real artist you feel so alive doing art with artists is cool too.every thing about him was different and he taught me a lot!! when he came.TY Sylvain Rivard.

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