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My friend and I invested in her business because she needs a motorcycle to transport fish to the market. Heab is married and has 2 children.They all live in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. Heab has a home to look after also. She takes care of her children while her husband fishes.

She wants the loan to buy a motorcycle. She wants a motorcycle to transport the fish that her husband caught. Her husband fishes all the times in the great lake of Cambodia. Heab and her family are looking to improve their business.Her husband is an expert at fishing.

 Entrepreneurs 121 – Kiva – Loans that change lives


Message from Mrs. Theriault

Wouldn’t you just love to visit Siem Reap Province? Well, you’re in luck because you can take a virtual field trip to Cambodia by clicking on the link below. Hint – you may need to scroll down the page to the video entitled “Village Life Around Siem Reap”.

Kiva Friends – Neighbourhoods Around The World

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One response to “Heab Vai | Kiva Microloans | The $25 Team

  1. I love the pattern on this woman`s skirt AND the intricate embroidery or maybe painting on her shirt. I enjoy looking at the textile arts of the people of Asia because much of it is new for me.
    Mrs. Theriault

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