Juan Antoni Martinez Corea | Kiva Microloans | Team Go Kiva!

Why did we choose Juan?

We chose Juan because he sells rice, sugar, oil, beans, toilet paper and soft drinks. Food and water is important to us.

Also, it  is interesting because his business is in his house. He lives in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is in South America.

They have 5 stars in field partner risk rating. Juan’s loan request was $300.

Entrepreneurs 121 – Kiva – Loans that change lives

Message from Mrs. Theriault

Last year one of the Grade 6 teams  invested in the Nicaraguan entrepreneur – Mr. Salgado – who deals in scrap metal. He was transporting his metal in a horse and cart. The Kiva loan enabled him to buy a bigger truck and the good news is that he has already paid back  his loan! Kiva, Nicaragua, scrap metal dealer

And another of last year`s teams invested in the furniture making business of a Mr. Flores. He bought an electric sander and he has also paid back his loan.

That means we`ve had three Nicaraguan loans in our portfolio – two that have been paid back and one that is still active.  None of the Nicaraguan loans has defaulted.


One response to “Juan Antoni Martinez Corea | Kiva Microloans | Team Go Kiva!

  1. it is interesting that he has his business in his house. In Quebec, that is usually not the case. However, at the corner of my street where I live in Chateauguay, there’s a lady who has a hairdressing business in her house. She has it set up in her basement with a separate entrance.
    Does anyone else know of a businessman or businesswoman who lives at the location of their business?
    Mrs. Theriault

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