Santa Rosa De Ccotecoy Group Investment | Kiva Microloans | PIIK

Big Loans To Animal Sellers

Our group invested in a big business with 17 entrepreneurs. Two of the main entrepreneurs are Celia and Karina. Celia lives in Peru and she has two children. She buys and sells animals as a job. Celia is currently saving to buy a house and more animals to improve her business.

Karina has one child and also lives in Peru. She owns a small pharmacy and sells medicine to her community. Karina dreams of opening a clinic in her community.

Entrepreneurs 121 –  Kiva – Loans that change lives



4 responses to “Santa Rosa De Ccotecoy Group Investment | Kiva Microloans | PIIK

  1. I think that this might be the first time that Entrepreneurs 121 invests in a pharmacy. And what an admirable dream Karina has – to open a clinic for the people in her community. I’m having trouble imagining what it would be like not to have a hospital or clinic where I live in Chateauguay.
    Mrs. Theriault

  2. Hi,

    Wow… That sure is a big business! Great choice! Everyone needs medecin if they are sick.
    They also have to be completly healed so they are not sick anymore.

  3. There were floods and a big landslide in Macchu Pichu, Peru earlier today. I hope this was not where your entrepreneurs have their business.
    Mrs. Theriault

  4. Hi, I thought it was very generous when the team PIIK people invest in Kiva gave 25$ to these 17 entrepreneurs.This was very thoughtful of them to invest money in Kiva Microloans it must of helped the bussiness a lot:).

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