Abenaki Artist Sylvain Rivard Drops By For A Visit | St-Lawrence School

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to welcome First Nations artist Sylvain Rivard into our classroom.

Sylvain’s art – both  traditional and contemporary – springs from his Abenaki heritage.

His visit is part of a wider exploration of questions like:

What is art?

What is art for?

Why are there so many different styles of art?

Which type of art is “better”?

Who invented art?


Stay tuned this week for students blogging about his visit!



19 responses to “Abenaki Artist Sylvain Rivard Drops By For A Visit | St-Lawrence School

  1. My favourite part of Silvan Rivard coming in was when he made the paint.

  2. Hi there! by seeing Sylvain Rivard the Native Ameican Artist, it was really fun because I love Art too and was amazed how he made the person in paper. I’d love to do that too but I don’t have the great talent as him. I like his art that he showed us in class and loved making the story with signs.We as our friends and I loved it! Seeing Sylvin Rivard was fun

  3. Hi! Seeing the artist was amazing! We learned how to make paint and then we painted with our fingers and made a story with symbols.He showed us many interesting art and told us many things about Native Americans.It was great to be spending time with him because he was very interesting and I learned alot of things about him. He also showed us a collage that he made. It was beautiful. He told us the 4 colors in Native American and it was:red,black,white and yellow.At the end,before leaving, he played on his wonderful drum and sang a song at the same time! It was an honor to welcome him in our class.

  4. My favourite part of Sylvain Rivards visit was when he played the drumb.Because I love the sound it makes when you play it.B.W.

  5. This week an artist came to our class to talk about N ative American people and their traditions.He is a native American. He is 45 years old and his name is Sylvain Rivard. This man showed us how to make paint. My favourite part of his presentation was when we painted with our fingers. The feeling was wierd because when the paint dried it was all gluey and sticky on our finger tips. The pictures were beautiful! ps:it was so cool!XD

  6. I really liked Sylvain Rivard’s visit because he taught my class and I stuff about art and Native stuff. Art things he taught us: he taught us about how the Abenaki (or Native people used to paint, which is with there fingers, and instead of paint, they use an egg, and pigments. They put the pigments in a cup, put the egg in an other cup, crack the egg, put the egg with the pigments, mix it with a finger, and paint. Native stuff he taught us about about: he taught my class and I about some clothes, including the shoes, which for us, would be slippers which we wear some in our house, not always, but for him, Sylvain, they are shoes. Sylvain Rivard is also an artist. At the end, Sylvain played his drum and sang (no words!!!). I thought it was a relaxing song, but it wasn’t. I also really liked (actually loved!) my expeirience with Sylvain Rivard because I got to paint with my finger (exactly as written at the top!). It was really fun. Thanks alot Sylvain Rivard!!!


  7. I found that Sylvain’s art is extremly nice and he has a different style of art. He instead of taking paint, and paintbrushes.To make black he needs to find coal and crush it into dust that makes the paint then he breaks an egg in a pot and mixes is it with the coal and he starts geting messy!!!!! He dips his finger in the coal pot that was micks’t with the egg and draws symbols. My favorite part is when we did our own story with the paint. Another thing that I found interesting was how to read a picture.MY absolute favorite part was when he sang a song. It was cool in a different way – and just the drum what it meant was the number 4 the 4 colers….ect

  8. Sylvain Rivard speaks English, French,and Abenaki.He showed us how to make paint with rocks. And in the end he did a song with his drums.

  9. Sylvain Rivard – thank you so much for coming. If you wouldn’t have come I would never know how to make paint and that awesome writing.

  10. Hi there,
    Sylvain Rivard, the North American artist came to our class to show us about art. We learned about plenty of symbols,and I loved it!!! He showed us some ways to do art. In his tribe, what they do is that they paint with their fingers.What I liked about that was that we actually tried it!!We don’t actually buy paint, we make it. Here is how you do it. First you crack an egg and put it in a bowl. Next,you crush red ochre,yellow ochre or black charcoal.It will look nice because it is like powder.This is the fun part,you dip your finger in the egg and then you put your finger in the red ochre to make red paint,yellow ochre to make yellow paint and charcoal for black paint.Then, you draw whatever you want with your fingers.

    Thank you so much Sylvain Rivard

    • I also liked doing the paint.It didn’t feel like normal paint you buy at the store,it was kind of slimier because of the egg.:>

  11. There was a artist that came to our class and we made paint from different minerals like coal and other sorts..It was very fun because it was messy and felt weird on your finger. With the paint(yellow ochre,red ochre,black and white)we did a story with all sorts of symbols.
    My favorite part was when Sylvain Rivard (the artist)played a drum

    Thanks Sylvain Rivard we appreciate your vist,i t was awsome!thanks for all the cool stuff we did! Bye we hope you come back once more!

  12. My favourite part of Sylvain Rivard’s visit was when he played the drum.Because I love the sound it makes when you play it.

  13. me too! i also loved it when he played the druw it felt sooo good and it was cool because Sylvain Rivard sang a song to go with the drum beat!!:) 🙂 hope he’ll come back some time soon so i can have some more fun with him again:D

  14. My favorite part of Sylain Rivard’s visit was when we did the story with the codes & our homemade paint!:o. I also liked when Syl played his drum like A.Ga,B.Wa,ect;& when he sang that was just amazing & fantastic.I hope that when he’ll come back he will do even cooler stuff than what he did.:P

  15. Hi there I’m E. i just wanted to say how cool it was when Sylvain Rivard came first he showed us a piece that he painted it was super cool:)!!! It was a persone that had an expretion of a board or sad persone it had no gender.
    Oh my goodness we got to paint the way people did 100 years ago even maybe 1000 AHHHHH!!!:0.
    Then this is crazy. He drew a cat on the board only using lines and HE DID IT IN 10 SECONDS AHHHHHH!!!!:0.
    So after that he showed us how to make the paint but you to have specific types of ROCKS,you need red ocar,yellow ocar and coal. Coal lmakes the color black like black paint and you know your colors come on. WAIT IM NOT DONE when you[re doing the paint you have to use your FINGERS DADADA you crack a egg then you take ONLY the white liduid you put it in the smashed up colors and mix WITH YOUR FINGERS and sing lalalalalala!!!! cool uh say it cool you getting messy doing that!!!.So now you know how to do very diffferent way to paint. You get to do it on your final copy.
    You’re painting symbols because they didn’t know how to use words so they use simbles Back to where I was – so if you have a HUGE ROCK in your back yard (It’s possible)you’ll know how because Sylvain Rivard teached you how SO GET ON THAT ROCK AND PAINT YOU BRAIN OUT 🙂 i had so much fun AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! WHEN YOU AT SCHOOL just imagine how the teacher goes crazy.

    AND IM NOT DONE:) My faverite part was when we got to paint with our fingers and there’s a wierd felling that you have when the paint is on your finger it fells like……YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGure OUT YOURSELF SO GET YOUR FINGERS READY FOR A BLAST OF JOY:)

    WAIT my second favorite part is when he did the….DRUMS he sang so good his singing could give a heart attack to a HAWK!!!
    I really hope you come back Sylvain Rivard



    pleas 🙂

  16. I loved the activity we did it was very fun. My favorite part was when we made the paint and painted. It smelt bad but it was fun to do. I also liked the part when he showed us modern art compared to old art.
    He played the drums for us and sang , He has a very good voice and melodie. I liked the whole day.
    I heard he was going to come back in March (iIthink). I will be looking forward to seeing him again .

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