Justin Wonnacott Visits St-Lawrence School

Guess who visited our classroom today? –   professional photographer/artist. and  Visual Arts professor Justin Wonnacott.

Wonnacott is traveling across Canada to chronicle the art projects of hundreds of students who have benefited from the ArtsSmarts grants that bring artists like Sylvain Rivard into our classrooms.

Check the Comment Boxes below for what our students will remember!


11 responses to “Justin Wonnacott Visits St-Lawrence School

  1. It was very fun.I though it was fun being photographed.He took alot more photographs then I though he would take.We all had to stay close for the picture.We did not have much room.It was a great experience for me.

  2. Today was aswsome a professional photographer came to school he said his name is Justin Wonnacott. We got this sheet of paper and our parents had to fill it out. When they were finished we had to bring it to school. The parents that said yes to everything got their picture taken with our mask. We each had our picture taken and told him what does the front and back mean.
    In the end the professional photographer wanted to take a picture of us painting our masks. M.B wanted to open a green paint bottle he shaked it and it exploided green all over the table. But then about the whole group but their hands in the green paint.
    Then the professional photographer said “I would like a picture of your green hands.” I thought they have green thumbs.
    And after he told how many years he has been taking photos and what he takes pictures of etc.

  3. Hi,
    It was SO FUN WORKING WITH JUSTIN!!!! It was fun because when he is taking the pictures he is telling us how to place ourselves. The way we placed ourselves was so fun.It was so fun because once(to take a picture) we had to do a pose on the table all together,only our faces smiling =) .Once M.B was doing a pose with some blueish greenish paint,then he spilled it all over and O.P had some on his hands,so we all held hands.Spreading the paint around…I put some in back of my mask to remember the memories of M.B(so I could always remember what we did and how much fun we had). Each time we took some pictures we were laughing(in a joyful laugh)because it was SO fun to be doing those pictures. My mask also got some in the front when M.B spilled the paint, so now it looks natural and again it`s a memory of M.B.

  4. It was super fun.We were 11 all in a bunch and the photographer was taking pictures.He took at least 280 pictures.

    It was funny because we needed to do as if we were working.Then M.B took a bottle of paint and by accident the bottle exploded and he dropped it on his mask and my other friend got some all over his hand and then he shook his hand with me and then we both got some paint on our selves.

  5. Today there was a profesinal photographer. His name was Justin Wonnacott. He was very profesional he started by taking a couple snapes and then took pictures of my companions. I heard that M.B shaked a bottle of paint and alot of paint exploded on my friends and they shaked hands so thay had green all over the place. The bad thing is that there was paint on some masks but the paint did something cool. He talked to us about his life and he had been doing photos for alot of time. Well I am happy he came and hopes he comes again.

  6. It was really fun to get a visit from a professional photographer/artist. Even if I did not go with the group with Justin for him to take pictures of the group, it was fun to at least ask him questions and him answering almost anything. The answers from Justin were amazing. Thank you for coming Justin!!!

  7. Hi,

    I found it’t was SO FUN WORKING WITH JUSTIN, he is so funnny, when hes going to take the pic you end up laughing a smilling and you know whats cool,when he took the picture there was this one way we were all lying down and it feels like were popular.

    And then he wanted us to pretend we were playing with the paint so M.C was shaking the paint and it cover popped off O.P , J.R, A.G, ME {E.C) got paint all over are hand I even got some on my new T.shirt

    I hope Justin Wonnacotte come’s back, and thank you for coming Justin

    Thank you,
    🙂 😀 😛 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  8. Today we had a professional photographer come to our class to take pictures of our cool masks. I think it was a great experience because we all had a lot of fun with Justin Wonnacott.
    It was a lot of fun with Justin beacuse we were lying on the floors and on the tables, we had a lot of fun with our mask’s (EXAMPLE)

  9. Hi Today was an exciting day at school because we had a professional photographer. My class and I made masks and they will soon be published. The man who came was called Justin Wannacott. He was a very funny man who made us all laugh!:)
    The photographer told us to have fun with the materials and we were not careful and M.B. had a paint accident with green paint. Some of the paint got on M.B.’s mask but the photographer and all the rest of the group said that it looked great even with the new paint.It also got on the tablecloth of the table and then M.B.’s friend who held the mask up from falling got all the paint on his hand. The friend is O.P. Then A.G., J.R.and E.C.all gave high-fives’s and they got paint on their hands .
    A.L. got paint in her clothes because we were having so much fun.
    So this was my Monday May 3 2010.:) 🙂

  10. Hello,
    I find that it was fun with Justin Wonnacott because it felt like we were models.We were having so much fun.We were always laughing because we were on the tables and on the floors.
    Then Justin said to play around withe the materials and M.B took the paint that was sort of blueish greenish and then the top of the bottle popped open.Then it went on A.G’s mask and on M.B’s mask but the it turned out to be pretty and on A.G’s mask it was nice to but when it fell the paint it got on O.P’s hand and and then Justin told us to do a pose with our hands so we all put paint on our hands and everybody did a high five to each other 😛 🙂

  11. Today we got to meet a man named Justin.

    He took pictures of us with our masks. He told us to have fun and do whatever we want. Then there were tools like:sponges,paint brushes and paint. Then one boy in my class put the paint upside down on top of his mask and the bottle of paint opened and spilled on his mask. Also it went on A.G’s mask. It got on every ones hands and he photographed the green hands. It was very funny. At first we were all shocked we did not know what to say but then we all started to laugh and have fun again. My teacher came in the room and told us that now is mask would have a story in it.After he told us how much pictures of us and there was about 200 pictures of us, he showed them to us and they went by so fast it looked like a movie. I had so much fun when he was taking pictures we did full of posses one time we were lying on the floor ad once we were on the table.After we went back to class and we asked him questions. Justin told us he did photography for 35 years. He also said the pictures he took are going to go in a book,well not all of them. The book is for art smarts.

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