Artefact: Star Wars Lightsaber of Darth Maul

StarWars School metal lightsaber

Description: This is from the 2004 episode 1 Darth Maul battle damaged lightsaber. It was molded after the lightsaber Obi wan Kenobi severed in the battle to the death between him and Darth Maul. It is made of some kind of metal.

Date: I think it was made in 2004 by Master replicas. I don’t remember exactly when I got it.

Owner: Giles

Notes: It is very special to me because my dad put a lot of effort in to getting it. He was trying hard to find and get it.

Blogger: Giles

Something to think about:

What might someone learn about you, if they looked at this artefact 50 years from now?


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