Artefact: Star Wars – Lightsaber

Description: My Star Wars artefact is a plastic lightsaber. The lightsaber is red. The name of the owner (in Star Wars) is Count Dooku. Also the handle is curved and black with some silver.

Date: I got my light saber in 2003 in April.

Owner: The lightsaber is mine. all mine. I got it when I was small.

Notes: When I was small I was a fan of Star Wars.

StarWars School lightsabre

Blogger: Paul

Artefacts are objects that human beings have made or modified.


One response to “Artefact: Star Wars – Lightsaber

  1. Hello Paul I like your lightsaber I have never seen one that is curved in such a way. How long it is? Does your lightsaber glow in the dark and does it make noise?
    Could you describe me who is Count Dooku and what he does, like drive a space ship. And one last thing is he on the good side?

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