Artefact: Star Wars Card

Star Wars Card

Description: This artifact is 6.4 cm x 8.3 cm. It is made out of card board and was inside a gum pack.

Date: It was made in 1977.

Owner: M.C. (my mommy)

Notes: My Mom bought this card 32 years ago. In a gum pack. My mom kept it because it’s a big, big part of her childhood and it’s a collectable. She still is a Star Wars fan and we still have all the movies.

Star Wars Card Back

Artefacts are objects that human beings have made or modified.


One response to “Artefact: Star Wars Card

  1. I like this artifact because I personnaly find your mom very lucky to have found this Star Wars card in a gum pack. Another thing that is cool is the card because of the metal robot I don’t know his name but I guess just by looking on the card that he is with the good people. And one last thing the other robot. I guess that he’s with the good guys too and what’s his name?

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