Artefact: Star Wars – Han Solo

Han Solo

Description: This character is called Han Solo.

He is 15.2cm.He is made in plastic.

Date: I got it in 2007.

Owner: The owner is myself.

Notes: Han Solo is a gunner. He is a good person in the movie.

Blogger: Lex

Artefacts are objects that human beings have made or modified.


15 responses to “Artefact: Star Wars – Han Solo

  1. Hi Lex I really like your Han Solo but I never saw a movie. I only played the video game and I think that I had your guy it is really good.

  2. Hi Lex I like your Han Solo. He is so cool with his gun in his hand.

  3. I love your Han Solo. It is so cool!

  4. My favorite character is Han Solo. I like him because he is a gunner and his partner is Chewbacca.

  5. I like Han Solo because I like Chuw Bacca and Chuw Bacca is the asistant and he is so cool!!!.Wy did you say that he is in plastic?.

  6. Hi Lex! I really like your Han Solo from Star Wars. I never watched Star Wars before but I saw some pictures of the people of Star Wars like the princess, and someone else, think his name is Yoda, I do not know how to spell it. My dad when he was small did not really watch Star Wars but sometimes, his favorite character was the hairy guy I do not know what his name is but he liked him very much! well Lex,I really liked your character Han Solo.Good job!

  7. Hi lex,
    I never watch the star wars movie but i do know Han Solo.
    I like Han Solo because he always ready to fight.I like your doll because its cool and his gun is also cool.Can we take of the gun of his hand?

  8. I like Han Solo because I have never seen hime like that and because of chubaca.

  9. I picked Han Solo because he is cool and he has an assistant.
    Another thin that I lick is that he is 15.2cm long.I find that Han Solos gun is cool and locks lick a camera.
    I find that Han Solo is will done.

  10. I never really watched Star Wars so I don’t really know much…
    Han Solo looks cool.

  11. Hey Lex I think Han Solo rock! But on your action figure its gun look
    like a camera.But for the rest he is awesome. One last thing is he a Jedi or a bounty hunter or both.

  12. Han Solo is soooooooo cool.
    I like his attitude of bounty hunter he makes me think of Bobafett because Bobafett is sneaky like Han Solo.
    Thank you!!!

  13. Is Han Solo a Jedi? Does he have a camera or a gun? Does he fight or sit on a couch? Does Han Solo has a ship? Bye Bye Han Solo is cool.

  14. Han Solo is cool like that because he is in an action figurine and I never saw him like that so thats why he looks cool.

  15. Han Solo is AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    Did you know Han Solo is half Jedi half bounty hunter. He owns a ship called the Milleniun Falcon.

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