Popular Culture: Television

Source:Wikimedia CommonsWhich television shows do you watch?

What is your favourite genre?



37 responses to “Popular Culture: Television

  1. My favourite genre is a reality show called Wipeout. Wipout is a show of people that fight on a track and get hit by cushions and fall in mud or water. The one that resists will win $50,000.

    • I’ve never seen this show but I have seen shows like that with physical games where people don’t get seriously hurt but they do have fun? I wonder if we could get some ideas for our Fun Days at school?

    • Hi Gratton,

      I watch Wipeout too. I laugh just by seeing them falling in mud!
      It is also one of my favourite show.

    • You know what gratton,
      I actually watched wipeout and it was in the water section.I like it when the big spining wheel hits the people.

      Thank you!!!!

  2. My favorite t.v. show is America’s Best Dance Crew. Americas best dance crew is 2 groups that have to impress the judges. There is a group of boys and girl. After they win cash the genre is reality show. It’s my favorite
    show because their dance moves are really cool.

  3. I like the show Prison Break because it’s a show with action and suspense.The story is about two brothers that go in prison,for nothing. One of the brother has a big tattoo of a dragon that could lead the way out. One day he and a group of friends went out. They ran and jumped on a train. This is a drama episode. I like the suspense.

    • Last year I saw the ads for this show but I never watched it because I didn’t approve of a story that showed criminals escaping from jail. I didn’t realize they were innocent. Thanks for telling me!
      Mrs. Theriault

  4. J’ai toujours aime les films dramatique comme Lance et Compte parce que j’aime le hockey.J”aime ce film parce que j’aime voir les joueurs jouer au hockey.Les personnages que j’aime le plus sont:Pierre Lambert le numero 13 et Marc Gagnon le numero 8.C’est l’histoire de Pierre Lambert et Denis Mercure qui jouent pour le junior majeur.Ils se font font repecher par les Nationals de Quebec.Ils jouent comme des pros et ils gagnent la Coupe Stanley.Il y a une suite dans la prochaine saison.J’aime cet emmision parce que j’imagine que je suis dedans le film.

    • Hi Silly-Midget,
      It’s great that you can see this show in French because the English show didn’t do so well. They say that the dubbing wasn’t well done. Do you know what “dubbing” means? It means that the actors spoke French and then they put the voices of other English-speaking actors over the soundtrack.
      By the way, the first time I saw Star Wars it was in Italian!!! Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia sounded good, but Darth Vader wasn’t as scary.
      Mrs. Theriault

  5. My favorite genre is reality like Big brother,Surviver and Wipeout. They’re all game shows. My favorite one is Big Brother because they do Challenges with their houseguests. They live in a big house and they have a big backyard.Thats where they do the challenges. One day their backyard was a rainforest and bananas were all over the ground. There was a small little mountain. On the top there was a big ape but it was fake. It would say a riddle and all of the bananas had names of the houseguest. You had to find the banana with the name of the houseguest that matches the riddle.

    • As I was saying in class today, I sometimes enjoy reality shows but my favourites are The Amazing Race and Survivor. I like to “visit” different countries when I watch t.v.
      It’s the same thing for books. I like stories that take place in faraway places.
      Mrs. Theriault

  6. My favorite show is Sponge-bob Squarepants.The genre of my show is a comedy. It is 30 mins long.I watch Sponge-bob because it is funny and entertaining.The characters are Sponge-bob, Satrick, Squidward, Mr crabs
    and Sandy.It takes place under the sea.

  7. Hell’s Kitchen is a reality show where people compete for a chance to be the top chef in restaurants across the world. There is one judge to taste the food. The judge is Gordon Ramsey, top chef of LA’s Hell’s Kitchen. there are al lot of injuries. For example this season is the sixth. one of the competitors named Dave broke his left hand. It made him a better chef, because he overcame the pain and just kept on cooking!

    • I’m not crazy about the way Chef Ramsey yells at people – but I try to consider that it’s entertainment and that the people on the show know what’s going to happen. And I admit that the show can be funny.
      But do you think it would be a good way to act in real life?
      Mrs. Theriault

  8. My favorite show is Heroes.

    I like this show because of the suspense.

    This show is a drama and lasts 1 hour.

    I watch this show because its fun to watch and because this show grabs your attention.

    This show is a series.

    This show is a fantasy because it starts with people with powers some people use there powers for good some for bad.

    The powers are go back in future, invisible, extreme speed, stop time…

    The channel of this show is 652 thats on HD this is channel without HD 52.

    Thats it.

    • Good evening silly billy!
      It’s great that you like this show because this year we’re going to be studying different types of heroes and asking questions like: What is a hero? Can you be a hero?
      You’ve got a great head start!
      Mrs. Theriault

  9. My favorite t.v show is Big Brother. The genre is reality. it is 60 mins long.This t.v show is about people that are in a house for two months. The people play games to win $5000. I like this show because it’s funny and I like to see them playing games.

  10. I really like watching icarly because it’s very funny, and my kind of genre is comedy as sit-coms so it means that this is comedy.I watch icarly because I love comedy shows. It’s with real people and it’s a kid show mostly. It’s about a girl named Carly and her friends.S am is her best friend,she’s always getting in to trouble at school,and she’s always mean to people. Freddy is another friend of Carly and Sam. Her mom is really caring about him and saying embarassing things to Freddy,and Freddy’s secret is that he’s in love with Carly but Carly already knows. Carly has a brother called Spencer.He is always silly,and he’s an artist though too. The last thing I’d say is that he’s crazy,and I forgot too say that the shows are 30 min and sometimes it’s 60 min if it’s special episode.

  11. The genre for my show is comedy. It is called America’s Funniest Home Video. I like to watch it because there was one of the episodes where there was a baby and a cat. It was the cat’s bath time. The baby tried to throw the cat in the pool. The baby threw the cat in the pool.T he cat got out of the pool and tripped the baby into the pool. It is the best show of my life because if you are sad it will cheer you up.
    Thank you!!

  12. I would like to talk about my favourite television show. The genre is informational and documantary. The show is called Mayday. and it is 1 hour (60 minutes) long. It is about airplanes and trains that crash or sometimes there are air-pirates and the pilots have to emergency-land. Sometimes all the passengers including the pilots survive. Other times, half of the passengers survive and the other half doesn’t. Sometimes, none of the passengers including the pilots survive. At the beginning of the show, when it starts, it says: “This is a true story. The reconstructions are based on eyewitnesses.” Mayday plays in English and French.

  13. My favourite show is a cartoon called South Park. I watch it because it is very funny. This show takes place in South Park Colorado.It is about 4 kids doing adventures and having stuff happen to them. For example there was one episode where there were giant guinea pigs in South Park. So the genre is cartoon and fantasy.

  14. My type of show is called Icarly and its my favorite show on T.V. It’s about a team that makes a website and at the same time it’s very funny. A lot of things happen in it. It’s so good.The characters are Freddie(the director of the show Icarly),Sam, Carly and Carly’s brother Spencer. Sam likes to bug Freddie all the time,and Spencer is an artist so he always makes some sculptures. Carly like to be perfect. Sam and Carly make the show and Freddie directs.Sam always gets in trouble.If she makes something bad she would tell on Freddie but she would still get in trouble. Freddie likes Carly but Carly doesnt like him so he is sad sometimes.The show starts at 6:00pm(it plays at 6:00pm and 6:30pm)to 7:00pm every day but on Fridays it plays only one time at 6:30pm.Sometimes it plays at 2:30am.Icarly plays on ytv.

  15. The genre that I like is sitcoms.The type of sitcoms that I watch are funny, for example I watch icarly. icarly is a very funny show.This show is about 4 teenagers that have their own website.Their website is about them having to film themselves but they are acually doing stuff while they’re filming.The characters’ names are Carly, Sam, Fredy and Spencer.They live a normal life, they go to school and they live in a apartment(they all live in the same apartment)and they mostly go to Carly’s house. And in this show they sometimes go and get candy,slush and ice cream.I like this show because it is funny and I like different stuff.

  16. My favorite T.V. show is Sponge Bob Squarepants. The genre is comedy and its a cartoon.It’s in English. I watch it because it’s very funny to me.The characters make me laugh.

  17. Genre: Comedy
    My favorite show is Suite Life of Zack and Cody. It’s about 2 kids that always fool around. They live in a hotel. Mr.Mosbe is always annoyed by Zack and Cody. Zack and Cody’s mom is a singer at the hotel. but they never listen to her. Zack is the more unresponsible one but Cody is smart and responsible. Cody’s clean – Zack’s dirty.

  18. I like John and Kate plus 8 because I like to learn how other families with 8 kids or more do things . In one episode they go to Disney by car. I think that is amazing with 8 kids! The character’s names are: Cara, Mady, Leah, Alexis, Aaden. Collin and Hannah, Joel. I have been to Disney so I know excited they were .The genre is

  19. Comment from Jason.
    My favourite show is Bugs Bunny because it makes me laugh. Also I like it because I find the characters cool. My favourite characters are Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny.The genre is comedy. They’re battling in a
    funny sense.For instance,they take a big hammer and they bang the other one and now he’s all squished.

  20. My favorite show is Every Body Hates Chris.
    and its about one family. It’s a sitcom and there’s one girl,two boys and two parents. Chris’s sister was always getting Chris in trouble at home and at school so Chris he was lucky because hi was going into high school. And when Chris went to school the first day he had his books in his hands and there was a bully in the hall way and the bully took the books and droped them on the floor and left so then Chris said “Hey what’s your problem”then the bully said,”hey you want to fight” and Chris said,”yeah”after school 3:00 so then at three o clock they went to fight out side and the principle saw them and said if you guys g (the bell rang … to be continued!)

  21. Comment from Jim (a Grade 5 student)
    One of the tv shows I watch is NHL (National Hockey League). I like this show because I’m thinking of playing hockey when I grow up and I also like it becaue I find it fun to watch and it’s entertaining and sometimes they give information.
    It think it’s cool bcause it’s our national sprot.
    My favourite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins.I watch this show in French.I like it when the Pittburg Penguins win. The kind of genre is sports.

    Thanks for reading my comment.

    • It’s great that you are bilingual and can watch hockey in French if you prefer. When Jacques Villeneuve was an F1 driver I used to watch the races in French because they would talk about Villeneuve a lot more than the English announcers. Do you watch in French because it’s easier for you? or because your family watches in French? or because you prefer the French announcers?

  22. Comment from Lex (Grade 5 student)
    Spongebobsquarepants is a very funny show. Spongebob works at a fastfood restaurant. The genre is cartoons. I also watch hockey because it shows me hckey tricks. The genre is sports.
    I like Daily Planet because they do cool stuff.
    I watch Distraction. They have 5 rounds to get a prize. The genre is reality tv. I aso like to learn soccer tricks. The genre is sports.

  23. Hi, Maddison
    I just wanted to say that I like Big Brother too! its very good I find. Except I dont really know alot about it because I only watched it once.

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