Dear Grade 6

Thank you for being such a great group of students- you’ve made teaching such a great joy!

I’m very proud of you for everything you’ve done all year including this brand-new blog, You are the first St-Lawrence students to write a blog like this and you’ve started a great project for next year’s students.

Have fun in high school!

Mrs. Theriault


25 responses to “Dear Grade 6

  1. This year was great with you Mrs. Theriault! Oh and good luck for the kids who are going to be working on the blog next year.

  2. I liked this year a lot because it was fun making a blog and it was my first time i made one.

  3. Thank you, you have been a great teacher!This was a fun project I’m sure your next class will enjoy it as well.

  4. We had alot of fun with Mrs.Theriault. To next years class you will probably have fun. And also she likes macs so don’t start conversations that PCs are better than macs. Good luck to you all!

  5. Hey i know i will miss this school because i ha alot of fun and because i will miss my grade 5 friends But I am happy to be going to high school ! 🙂

  6. Thank youuuuu Miss.Theriault,for being such a nice and great teacher to me and the other people.So i will miss yooou next year.i hoppe that you will have a greatttt SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    XD XD XD ;p ;p ;p ;p 8p 8p 8p

  7. Thank you Mrs.Theriault for being a good teacher. You were the best teacher I have ever even though you like macs and are obbesed with Stargate.

  8. I loved this year. I had a lot of fun with you (except the part of MAC computers and Star Gate).HaHaHa!

  9. I really enjoyed being in your class, you teached me a lot of new stuff. I also enjoyed the blog, it was really fun making it , and commenting on peoples articles. I really had fun over the year, ill miss, have fun next year !!!

  10. yiiioooo schoool is finish, so funny going to high school 😀 my teachers are going to miss me but il have good time to high school!!:) BYE BYE:(!!

  11. i hope you like having us on your blog know it is your turn to go on the blog good luck hope you will like it.

    good luck love your class byebye

  12. bye mrs theriault ill miss you next year ,and hey who ever has mrs theriault next year you are going too have a very good teacher !!!!!!
    shes alot of fun but becarful she likes stargate,stargate atlantis and sg-1 ???? she also likes startreck haha!!! well good luck futur 5 and 6 graders bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. thanksmrs theriault

  14. Love the site and good luck with the grade 5 students to bad I wont see you next year.

  15. I also enjoyed the school year and working on this blog . next years students will also enjoy working on the blog … I think

  16. This year was really a lot of fun and creating this blog was fun to.
    Here is a message to next years students:I hope you all have a great time working on the blog because I did and good luck all of you.

  17. your funny

  18. heey guys & girls ,

    I hope you guys are gunna have so much fun , i did so im sure you will , its fun being in grade 6 & having mrs theriault because we hardly have no homework but we have to do good in school , but no worries itrs great were all friends in grade 6 theres no enemies , so good luck & youll have fun doing the blog ciaoo everyone . 😀

  19. I loved this year but i didn’t like working with macs and you talking about stargate and startrek just kidding… hahahhahahaha but after all that I still loved this year.I leared a lot thank you .

  20. i still dont like star gate lol

  21. I had a great year and after 1 year I don’t like macs.

    thank you mrs.Theriault

  22. This year was very fun and writting the blog just made it more fun! Good bye to Mrs.Theriault. And for her future students hope you like startrack and all of those things .loll ….GOOd LuCk!! see you again -xxx-

  23. It was all fun making the blog. Also writing the articles was awsome. I wish all Mrs.Theriaults new students alot of fun and to continue working on the blog. But Im telling you to be careful because Mrs.Theriault loves Mac computers and star trek, star gate. LOL

  24. hahaha our teacher made us watch Star Gate videos its o k I guess? I admit I did not like it but anybody who reads this message should watch a video before judging it

    PS:just i find it boring does not you have to find it boribg… 🙂
    xD ‘v’

  25. I will miss this school and my teachers but I’m happy to go to high school and for the people who will be in Mrs.Theriault class will enjoy being in her class and will get good marks and will improve on everything but the only problem is Mrs.Theriautl likes mac :p

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