Hockey Poll


24 responses to “Hockey Poll

  1. I think the idea for a poll is a good idea, even though am not a big fan of hockey fan.

  2. My favorite team is the Detriot Red wings.I love the players like Pavel Datyuk and Henrik zetterberg and Nicholas Lidstrom.These are my favorite player

  3. Great poll! The team I voted for was Montreal Canadians! because they rock!!

  4. I voted for Tampa Bay because my favorite hockey player is Vincent le Cavalier and I follow him whatever team he goes on. He’s just the best player ever !!!

  5. I chose this team because it’s my favorite team. I like this team the most because i think they are very good players. My favorite PLAYER is KOIVU. I like this player the most because i think that his a very goooooooooodddd PLAYERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD :0 😉

  6. The voting idea is a good idea because you pick your favorite team and I voted for Montreal Canadian. I don’t know alot about hockey and the teams but I like the Canadians.

  7. I vote for Colorado avalanche because my favorite player Joe Sakic is in that team. He was my favorite player since I was 5 years old. I have many hockey cards of Joe.

  8. I chose the Montreal canadians because I don’t have a faverite team and because I am a canadian,I would of chose the florida panthers because I cats are my faverite animals!!! 😉

  9. Its funny because half of my family votes for Montreal and the other half votes for Detroit, and last year when both of the teams were playing against we were fighting because when the Redwings made a goal,my cousin,my aunt,uncle and were voting and we were welling ya , and the rest were saying boooo!! It was funny

  10. I voted for the Canadiens because I don’t really follow any other teams. I’m from Montreal so I like them the best.

  11. Why does every body take for Montreal Canadiens?this season they were really bad and the Detroit red wings were the best.

  12. I think the Ottawa team is the best.


  14. the canucks did good this year

  15. This poll is cool. I would like to see the team who gets the most votes!

  16. this is my favorite team becaus they are in the finals for the stanlie cup and because i love crosby hes the best player in the word 😉

  17. michaelmariomazza

    I chose the Penguins because of Wayne Gretsky.

  18. I chose this hockey team cause i like it

  19. I chose Montreal Canadiens because I live in Montreal in Canada.

    I also chose the Tampa Bay Lightning because I find Vincent Lecavalier is cute.

  20. you rock dion faneuf your the best

  21. I like this team I find them good.

  22. I find Detroit very good because they won the Stanley Cup.

  23. Great poll, I voted for the Habs, GO HABS GO!!!AWESOME SITE!!!

  24. Awesome poll I voted for the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames.I think there both great teams.

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