Martin Brodeur

I chose Martin Brodeur because I think that he is the best goalie in the NHL and he beat Patrick Roy’s record.

I will never forget the day that Martin Brodeur scored a goal in the Stanley Cup playoffs. He fired the puck high in the air and it landed in the goal.

Martin Brodeur is in the NHL since 1994 (15 years). He has always been with the New Jersey Devils his shirt number is 30.


He won 3 Stanley Cups, 4 Vezina Trophies (best goalie), 4 William M Jennings Trophy (fewest goals allowed), 1 Calder Memorial trophy (most proficient player), He played in 9 all-star games. Martin Brodeur was born May 6th, 1972.

Author: Bobby

Podnieks, Andrew. The Unbeatable Martin Brodeur.


5 responses to “Martin Brodeur

  1. I think that the best goalie is Ron Hextal because he was very aggressive and I liked it

  2. I agree with you, Martin is probably the best goalie in the NHL. He is a great goaltender but he is not my favorite goalie is Cristobal Huet. There is also Dominik Hasek from the Detroit Red Wings and José Theodore from the Montreal Canadiens who scored goals. I just find it amazing goaltenders that can score from there net. I just find it amazing. Nice information, Continue the great job!!!

  3. You’re right that Martin Brodeur is a really good goalie. I even still remember the the goal he scored. Martin Brodeur is not my favorite goalie but I still think Martin Brodeur is going to be the best goalie of the NHL.

  4. I think that Martin Brodeur is the best goalie to ever play in the NHL. I think you should have put the date h scored in the playoffs. I also remember when he scored in the playoffs. That will probably be remembered by many hockey fans for years to come.

  5. You also should have put what record of Roy’s he beat.

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