Almost all the moose that live in North America live in Canada.

The Moose - A Painting by George Stubbs

The moose is the largest member of the deer family. Female moose are named cows. A baby moose calf just like a baby deer. The part that hangs off the moose’s chin is called a bell. If you want to know what a adult moose is, you just have to look at the coat of the moose . So if it has a dark brown coat it is an adult if not it is a calf or a kid. And to tell what a young moose would look like – it has a brownish red coat.

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14 responses to “Moose

  1. Nice!
    I never knew a person could know if a moose was an adult or kid by looking at the it’s fur color!

  2. I actually never knew female moose were named cows! Very interesting.

  3. Your artical is short but you explained the characteristics of the Moose really well.

  4. Very informative. Picture looks very authentic, gives the column a look of really history. It would be nice if the author kept giving in the research to tell us more. Where do they live in Quebec? How long is the gestation period? How long do the calves stay with the mother?

  5. You had good information about the moose. Good work and keep it up!

  6. You have a very interesting topic with lots of good information.Good job on the moose blog.

  7. You explained the characteristics of the moose well. It was also interesting to find out that female moose were called cows.

  8. I actually ate moose meat at a party once,it’s really tasty!

  9. I learned a lot!!!!!!!!! i never new that a female moose was called a cow!!!!!!!!!! INTERESTINGGGGGG…..!

  10. I’m not a big fanoft eating meat & either moose,very interesting project.

  11. The picture is very beautiful and your aticel is interesting

  12. Whoa! The moose article is great. It was well explained. Do you know if a moose is in the same animal family as a cow?

  13. Interesting facts. I never knew the moose was that big. I ate moose meat once.

  14. I do not understand how those “hornes things” grow.

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