Inuit Traditional Fishing


Detail: CDN Stamp - Kayak



The Inuit used to fish to live. Without fish they would have had nothing to eat since there was a lack of food over there in the winter. The children and women are the ones that would mostly go fishing. They would fish for Crisco trout and more with nets and spears and they would ice fish with hooks. In the summer fishing was done in open waters on boats.

After a long day of fishing the children and women would come back to their camp with their catch and the Inuit would cut and gut their fish.The tool they use to cut and also gut their fish is called an ulu. The ulu is a sort of knife. The handle of the knife is made of wood or bone and it can be made of antler. The sharp part of the knife was either made of stone or meta. They would hold the ulu with the handle in their hand with the blade going downwards through their middle finger and the ring finger. When cutting they would slice the sides of the fish then clean it after the would hang it up to dry then cook it and then they ate.

Today the Inuit are more modern. They don’t go fishing with kayaks or canoes. Now the Inuit go fishing with all the new sorts of metal boats that are less dangerous then kayaks or canoes because they’re more modern. Today fishing for Inuit is an economic activity.

If a long time ago the Inuit did not know about fish or fishing they would not be where they are today and fish is what kept the Inuit going for all these years.


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Author: Bub

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3 responses to “Inuit Traditional Fishing

  1. nice,I like your paragraph, but I wouldn’t put too much details of how they cut and gut the fish because last summer I went fishing put I didn’t know I had to cut the fish and prepare it to eat it. The next night I wasn’t able to eat it

  2. Super cool article. Thats kind of boring eating fish everyday. But if it’s the only way to survive, they did well.

  3. This is really interesting! I thought it was men who went fishing and I love your picture the disine is beautiful.

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