Inuit Traditional Hunting

Eskimo_Seal_HuntingFor centuries the Inuits hunted for food. They took off all the meat of the animal and froze a little to conserve. They did not want to waste it. They took the skin for cloth and drums tops. The tool to take off the skin was called a Ulu (scrapper) it was easier with the Ulu which was very useful.

The antlers of a moose or caribou were used for sculptures. The caribou bones was often used for the harpoon tips. The Inuits hunted for sea animals and mammals. When they hunted for seals and belugas, to not get lost they built Inuksuks (land marks made of stone). The Inuits have some expeditions in winter to hunt. A seal’s baby is called a whitecoat because they are all white. The Inuits had to dress very warmly to go hunt because by the river or where they hunt it was it was very cold.

The weapons the Inuit ‘s used in the past 1000 years were…

  • rifles
  • harpoons
  • bow and arrows
  • other wooden objects
  • animal bones

The Inuits mostly ate meat like fish and mammals. These ways of life are very different from today. Inuit’s never hunted for nothing, they wouldn’t kill for nothing, they would just eat for one thing to survive. When they went hunting on the ice or on land they needed transportation so they had canoes and kayaks to or on land they had dog sleds and today the have snowmobiles. If you went hunting you would have to have skills and be fast. The blubber of the seal was made for oil.The meat that the hunters would bring home would feed a lot of people.


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Author: Bob

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6 responses to “Inuit Traditional Hunting

  1. Nowadays I’m used to seeing guns for hunting so I’m not used to seeing spears and knives for hunting. I also never knew that they use antlers for sculptures.

  2. Wow! I learned alot by reading your article! It is very interesting! I did not know Caribou bones were used to make harpoon tips!

  3. It must have been a lot harder of hunting with spears and knifes than with guns and bows and crossbows.

  4. WOW it must have been really cold near the river where they hunted. This is really interesting! I never knew that the blubber of a seal was made for oil.

  5. Wow that is col. This is helpful to me because I have a report on Inuits!

  6. This is soo cool I love to hear more.because I’m wanting to know more about Inuits

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