My Tremblay Ancestors

My project is about my Tremblay ancestors. Marie-Blanche Dutil, my great-grandma on my mother’s side, was married to Rodolphe Tremblay. I know this thanks to my mother. 


Then I went to the BMS2000 and I saw their marriage records.

Now I know that Marie-Blanche’s mother was Aimee Fournier and her father was Adonias Dutil. Marie-Blanche was married to Rodolphe on July 14th, 1920 in St.Michel church in Sherbrooke, Quebec. They were Catholics. 

Canada Census 1901 

Rodolphe was living in Chicoutimi. Chicoutimi is in Quebec in the Chicoutimi & Saguenay region. Rodolphe was born on December 11th, 1897. In 1901 Rodolphe turned 3 years old. Rodolphe’s father was Henry Tremblay and his mother was Clara Sweeney. Rodolphe was single (of course). Henry Tremblay was the head of the family. That means he was the boss of the house. Nowadays we don’t put that in family records because mothers have the same level of work to do. Rodolphe also had a little sister named Ceva. In that year Ceva turned 7. She was born on July 3rd, 1893. 

Canada Census 1911 

Now, ten years later when they did the census again, Henry (my great grandfather) would celebrate his 58th birthday. He was still married to Clara and he still had a son named Rodolphe but now Ceva was named Eva in this census. Eva now had 5 brothers and one sister. They were Leonard, Rodolphe, Larry, Albert and Alexandre and her sister who was named Bertha. Leonard’s birthday was in April of 1896. By 1911 he had just had his 15th birthday. In 1911 Rodolphe celebrated his 13th birthday. In the same year his younger brother Larry had celebrated his 12th birthday in April. Then the family celebrated Alexandre’s 8th birthday in. Earlier that year in February they had celebrated Berthas’s 5th birthday. She was the youngest of the family. Now the family was living in Saint Malachie, Quebec. 

BMS2000 Going back to the BMS2000 I found out that Henry Tremblay and Clara Sweeney (Rodolphe’s parents) were married on June 4th, 1889 in Quebec. They were Anglicans. Henri was from Chicoutimi but Clara was from Trois-Rivieres. 

Author: Pamella


6 responses to “My Tremblay Ancestors

  1. Pamella, I was so impressed by how you were able to analyze these documents. It was a real challenge with all the different dates and the different spellings of the names.
    Mrs. Theriault

  2. Must have been really cool learning about your Tremblay ancestors. It is very interesting.

  3. I really like the BMS2000 marriage record.

  4. haha i like chopyy

  5. Your site really inspires me to look on to my family (thanks).

  6. Nice I appreciate that! My grand parents were Rodolphe and Blanche@

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