Alphonse Perreault and Astro Taxi


I interviewed my grandfather about his work as a taxi driver. Here is what I learned.

Getting started

My grandfather told me that he wanted to be a taxi-driver because his father Alphonse had a taxicab when he was young, and my grandfather would help my grandfather to clean and repair the taxi. He told me that he began with just one taxi – number 121 – and everything worked well. You needed a taxi license and it cost ten dollars.

Property of Perreault Family

That was a lot of money at that time. Once he was holding two taxis (numbers 121 and 114) and also two licenses! The taxis had lights on the top. They were called domes. There was also lettering on the side of the taxis. My grandfather used three kinds of cars as his taxis – Ford, Dodge and Chrysler. The taxis were for work but they were also used for the family but usually for special events when there wasn’t enough place for everyone in the other cars.

Life as a taxi-driver

I asked him what a day as a taxi-driver was like and he told me he needed to start very early and that it was ten to fifteen hours of work per day. His territory was Brossard in the beginning and then St.Hubert. He would park his taxi at the Wal-mart. He needed a lot of patience when waiting for the clients. It was very rare that he needed patience for the clients because most clients were polite.

Astro Taxicabs

My grandfather helped to start Astro and to think up its name. He wanted a name that started with the letter A because in the phone book people would easily find the name and then call up. In the year the name was invented astronauts were really in the news. Astro taxi was started in 1972. Also, when my grand-father was driving by a school he saw a big truck with the words Pneus Astro. This is why he gave the word to the thirteen other people he was trying to build the company with.



Yvan Perreault


Taxi-cab badge, Taxi-driver Identification badge, Taxi-driver license

Author: George


37 responses to “Alphonse Perreault and Astro Taxi

  1. I find it interesting that your grand-father wanted to be a taxi driver. Most children when they grow up they want to be a movie star or a famous singer,

  2. I like your badge, i found it very colorful. It attracted my attention!!

  3. allison nadeau

    I found you did a very good job. I found your artefacts were very colorful. I suppose the bag was very colorful because they wanted to get lots of clients.

  4. Hi I’m Olivia you made a good job on your project!! keep the good work .Your project is perfect and has a lot of colours and a nice picture. I already went in a taxi and it’s really fun , But when you have no driving license its boring.

  5. hey!

    You really did a good job! its really incredible the price that a license cost back then because now its very expensive.

  6. hey you have a good post

  7. Hey I’m Rosalina i like your project. I’m not a big fan of taxis but this presentation brought more then just a taxi. Taxis are cool once you go in it,

  8. Hi I find your grandfather’s story is interesting about taxis and when he got a license for 10 dollars and I didn’t know that it was a lot of money before and I really enjoyed your story about your grandfather so – great job!

  9. I think it was smart of your grandfather to make the beginning letter A,that way,it would be easy to find in the phone. That was thoughtful and smart at the same time. Great job.

  10. I find it interesting that your grandfather worked as a taxi driver
    because in the summer I use to look at all the taxis passing by.
    Also I used to use them. Now my dad has a car it’s a red aero.
    Life must of been hard work in those days.

  11. Nice information! Very interesting about the taxi!

  12. Hello, I found your story really interesting, and I agree with Pamella. And usually little boys want to be like the dad so i found that interesting.

  13. Your article really inspires me. I am impressed, The thing I like the most
    is your Astro taxi sign. p.s Congratulations on the front page of Google.

  14. I thought your article was good. The artefacts in your article were colourful and your grandfather wanting to be a taxi driver was interesting. Not many people consider the job.

  15. I thought that your grandfather wanting to be a taxi driver was interesting.Keep up the good work!

  16. I like your photos about Astro taxi and also it’s a really cool topic.

  17. Wow it used to cost 10$ to buy a licence. I wonder how much that was in the olden days I bet it was like 100$. and you really got into the biography,

  18. That was a good family history story and i really liked it! I did not know that your grandfather helped to start the company ASTRO TAXI.

  19. I found that you had lots of information about taxis and a taxi cab’s job.
    I can’t even think about working 15 hours a day!
    Your grandpa is a very good man to be able to work 15 hours a day.

  20. Hi I,m Bob, I really liked what you wrote. I discovered new things about taxis that I didn’t know. Working 15 hours a day is a lot.

  21. I think it was really smart of your grandpa to make the name start with A so that when people look him up he would be one of the first. Nice job. I really liked it.

  22. The first image of Astro taxi looked like the super man logo so it looked pretty awesome and also the topic was awesome. So good job!

  23. I’m always fascinated by stories about family occupations. In my family they were almost all farmers, fishermen or lumberjacks. I wish I had something like a taxi-driver to write about.
    Mrs. Theriault

  24. good taxi project

  25. Was Alphonse Perreault your grand father or Yvan Perreault?

  26. it must of been alote 10 dollors in time

  27. Carole Perrault

    Merrick a travaillé très fort pour recueillir toute l’information nécessaire pour bien compléter cette biographie. Bravo. M.

  28. i love your picture

  29. Thanks a lot

    Yvan Perreault is my grand-father and Alphonse Perreault is my great grand-father.

  30. It is so cool that your grandpa helped think up the name for astro taxis. How did the company go?

  31. I think your grandfather was a great man.Is that a picture of your grandpa when he is young wow.He looks like 36 years old maybe he is 36.I dont even know how he was able to keep his business.

  32. I think he was a good taxi driver. I don,t know why he has two drivers< licenses.

  33. I really like the sign of Astro it make me think of superman’s. I’d like to know more about him.

  34. What I like about this story is that it is very interesting for me because I’ve never rode in a taxi before and this story to me is like wow a taxi! but I really like this story. It is very interesting like how he had to stop at Wal-mart and he had to park himself to get some patience.

  35. I think Astro is a very nice name because it is original.The story must be old because license do not cost ten bucks.No offense but being a taxi driver is not a amazing.

  36. I really likes the name Astro because it is original
    a taxi drive most be long some day like long drive

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