This really tough moss has persisted for years near the workshop window and returns after each period of drought. I’m planning to plant some grass and white clover in the section so I’ve decided  to transplant the moss to a shadier location near my Lilies of the Valley.




Cowslips | Primula Officianalis

Primula Vers | Cowlsips by Albrecht Durer

Propagating my cowslips

I have several  large clumps  of cowslips and this year I’ve decided that I’d like to have at least 50 primroses along my front border so I’ve pulled out ALL of the clumps so as to do a radical division of the plants.

I’m placing the little plantlings  in a newly created shady holding area at the side of my house. It’s a more sheltered spot to start them off and it’ll allow me to continue clearing goutweed from their original location and possibly redesign my front beds.

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Apparently, the best way to transplant cowslips in the summer is to divide the clumps and then cut back the leaves (completely) and trim the roots. I’ve set them into the bed using a Square Foot Gardening layout. In the fall I’ll return them to the main bed.