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Have a great March break, everyone!

Here’s a message from Mr. Hope of Australia:

“Mrs Theriault, Thank you so much for encouraging your students to contact the wonderful young bloggers of LA19. The students were thrilled to receive messages from Canada and have enjoyed planning their comments to post on your students’ blogs. The whole process has been very inspirational, especially for my first time bloggers. Kind regards – Mr. Hope”

Edublog-finalist-1ozhde6Every year the people at  Edu-Blogs   run a competition for the Best Student Blog. This year three St. Lawrence School student blogs made the shortlist from among several thousand nominations! They are Sofia OnlineChristina Online   and  Dave OnlineVoting is now closed for the Best Student Blog Award. Congratulations again to the three students who made  the finals – and congratulations to all our other fine bloggers!


Nightmare At School (Catherine Arcand, 2007) | Response to video

Catherine Arcands’s film Nightmare at School is about elementary students’ fears as they approach secondary school.
Surrealism is a style or movement in which various real objects are combined in a fantastical (or even magical) way.
Discuss some of the fears shown in the film and the surrealistic ways in which they are portrayed.

The Three Simple Steps To Take Over Your Blog!

For my Grade 6 students   :-)

Here’s what to do if you’d like to keep your blog for yourself.

1. Ask your parents for permission first.

2. Ask your parents to email me using the email that will be used to register the blog. This is the email address where they will receive updates whenever you post AND be able to moderate your comments.

3. Once I have parental permission and the email address, we’ll set up the blog from school.


Student Blogging Challenge 2015

March 2015 students | Student Blogging Challenge

Ms. Rombach`s Block 3-6  Class

Adam’s Blog

Aimee’s Blog

Andrew’s Blog

Austin’s Blog

Ben’s Blog Continue reading

Situational Math Problem – Our Very Own Water Dragon

What Is Energy? Useful Links

Potential and Kinetic Energy

“The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword” (Edward George Earle Bulwer)



Lab Rats Learn To “Weave Silk“

Today the lunchtime club learned how to use the program    Silk – Interactive Generative Art  to create beautiful abstract images. Here`s an example from Kimberley Online