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This week we brought more than 50 new blogs online. Bravo to all the students for their hard work creating content and mastering the basic skills for creating a blog post and inserting images. I couldn’t be prouder of all of you!

Please congratulate 3 new Tech Desk members

Jake Online  –  Rebecca Online  –  Penelope Online

Congratulations to the students behind

Kane Online  and  Nicholas Online

for becoming the first two members of our Tech Desk!


Time to hit the pause button!


Step 1  Edit blog content.

Today’s Focus:  Capitals, paragraphing

Step 2 Revise blog content.

Today’s Focus: Snazzy titles, Call-to-action

Photo Credit:  Maximilian Schönherr  via Wikimedia Commons

SPOTLIGHT ON … Great Titles

Great posts have GREAT TITLES!

– Examples from Live Blogs –

Make it out alive by Austin Online

Where I stood still by Geoff Online

I’m a sandwich by Mackenzie Online

Fire Beetle With Horns by Nicholas Online

Flowertastic by Sabrina Online

Ah! Nature by Tony Online Continue reading

Multigenre Ideas For Your Blogs

Your blog is a great place to experiment with many different forms of writing. Some forms of writing follow set patterns (e.g. lists, formal letters) while others are more free-flowing. Here are examples to get you started.

Biographical essay

A biography is an account of a person’s life. It can be strictly non-fiction (factual) but when you’re writing for a blog you will usually add a personal touch.

Suggestions Do choose someone you’re really interested in. Don’t only write some facts – personalize the essay with your own opinions or reasons for choosing that person.


Quebec Olympic Athlete – Vincent Marquis 2010

Quebec Olympic Athlete – Kim St-Pierre Quebec

Québec Olympic Athlete – Roberto Luongo


An interview is a conversation where one Continue reading

What Is Energy? Useful Links

Potential and Kinetic Energy Continue reading