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Family Recipe Friday | History-making kids | Mia’s Shortbread Cookies for Family Recipe Friday

Recipe, Mia's grandmotherThis is a recipe for Shortbread cookies with sprinkles on top. There are usually green or red sprinkles on top. So you can guess what season it is for – Christmas!!

What I love the most about shortbread cookies are that when you put them on your tongue and you suck on them – they melt in your mouth. They taste so good and so smooth and creamy!

Originally published at Mia’s Blog.  Mia is 11 yrs. old.

Family Recipe Friday by “History-making Students” | Cheese Empanadas

Empanadas de carne fritas Source WikiMedia Commons(Republished from  Ashley’s Blog.  Ashley is 11 yrs. old.)

When I bite inside an empanada it is very crunchy, hot, and the melted cheese is UNBELIEVABLE! Mmmmmmm. I do these cheese empanadas with my mom from scratch. We make them together. This recipe really comes from Chile. My grandma gave the recipe to my mom. We also make some meat empanadas but I prefer cheese empanadas. The whole family makes them. I once went to Chile, and I ate some over there at my mom’s uncle’s house, and they were really good. Last week we ate some at my aunt’s house and we ate some at home in the same week!  We mostly eat them for lunch, snack, and dinner and we mostly eat them in in winter because they are hot. For me I would eat them all the time! :) I can`t really say who makes the best because they are all so good!

Cheese Empanadas


- Mozzarella cheese (cut in big squares)

- 5 cups of flour Continue reading