Chum Dun | Kiva Microloans | The Helping Girls


Chum Dun is 55 years old. She has two children and she is married. She lives in Kampong Chnang Province Cambodia. Her business is fish selling.She needs money for more fish,and vegetables to sell everywhere in the village.

Her income is U.S $ 5.00 per day. Her child earns 2.30 U.S $ per day. This is her fourth loan for credit. We chose this girl because we all like fish.We are five girls in our group and we all love sea food like : shrimp, truite, lobsters,(ect).That is why we chose this women.

Entrepreneurs 121 – Kiva – Loans that change lives

Note from Mrs. Theriault

“The Helping Girls” and “Team $25″ are the first to invest in Cambodia AND the first to invest in the fishing industry. The Cambodians will be so happy (but the fish not so much!).

2 responses to “Chum Dun | Kiva Microloans | The Helping Girls

  1. Thank you for the comment Mrs Tériault I really liked it

  2. I really enjoyed doing this projec with my group.

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