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Edublog Challenge 5 is up-and-running. The focus this week is on developing the visual aspects of your blog. Since we already know how to add images to our blogs we’ll focus on the following:

1. Content  (activity 8)  In the coming weeks our class will be  taking  part in a schoolwide project on the theme of Good Manners. As our contribution, we’ll be producing digital comic strips about ethical and polite behaviors on the internet. By Nov. 10th, each blogger must publish an original  comic strip using digital technology. Your task this week is to experiment with ways of producing your strip and then to choose the one that best suits your project. Later in the week you will post a brief discussion of your experience. For inspiration, here is an example of  Bob Online‘s work for his Blog Action Day project with Tom Online.

Philippe Toth Rest bad rest  picture

2. Photo attribution (Activity 10)  Your second task is to return to each of the images on your blog and replace the general Photo Credit information with a specific Creative Comments reference.

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Need technical assistance? Click on the TECH DESK tab above and find an expert.  Added this week!   Neil Online can get you started with DOGO news and book and movie reviewers while Lauren Online, Danica Online, Dave Online and Rajesh Online can show you how to add images to your Continue reading

Blog Action Day 2014 | Blog Hop | Inequality | Edublog Challenge 4

For Blog Action Day 2014, the almost two dozen 11 yr. old  bloggers listed below have collaborated on a series of posts about the inequality of children`s access to   basic human rights  in the world today.

Since  Canada supports the United NationsConvention on the Rights of the Child , each 2-person team below is blogging about the importance of one of the human rights.  We hope you will hop around a few of their blogs and encourage them with your comments.


Access to information-  Sionra & Sofia

Access To Information Pt.1 | Blog Action 2014

Access To Information Pt.2|Blog Action Day 2014

Basic Needs – Lauren & Christina

Basic Needs Part 1 Blog Action 2014

Basic Needs Part 2 Blog Action 2014

Child Labour – Elena & Florence Continue reading

New York Bloggers Who Know How To Comment! | Edublog Challenges

Some of us have been receiving great  comments from students of this class  which is located in Larchmont, N.Y., U.S.A.

Please feel free to drop by their blogs for a little visit! Continue reading